Banging Those Drums

Report Date: October 5, 2017

As we head into October, I'm expecting the mullet run to increase throughout the month. Last year the entire month of September was a really weak mullet run mainly due to the water releases but did pick up dramatically starting around the second week of October. These baitfish cruise from the north heading southward along the beaches. With low salinity levels when they reach the St. Lucie Inlet, they are continuing south towards Jupiter and not entering our rivers.
Lately we are seeing a few snook but the main bite by far has been drum. Lots of redfish, black drum and croakers being caught in both the Indian and St. Lucie Rivers.On one trip last week we caught 15 black drum to 14 lbs along with 5 redfish and a snook fishing only 2 people.
When the mullet run does pick up, I plan on more livebaiting for snook, jacks and tarpon. Also several goliath grouper lately.

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