Tripletail bite on Fire

Report Date: February 21, 2018

Great tripletail fishing since the new year with 39 landed up to 22 pounds. We even caught 2 tagged tt's which I called in for the University of Southern Mississippi who are in charge of the tagging program. Finding them in both the Indian and St. Lucie Rivers.
The spanish mackerel are back around Peck's Lake after heading south for a few weeks. We fish them a dozen times a year when seas are 2 foot or less. Starting to see a few tarpon rolling up near the power plant.
Black drum, sheepshead and pompano near the bridges with bonefish and ladyfish in the flats.
Snook in the inlet and St. Lucie River. Really the only slow species has been the flounder. We did catch one last week but quite slow the last 6 months. Lack of glass minnows around is the problem.

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