Up and Down

Report Date: March 25, 2012

It's been up and down the majority of the month in some areas. The most productive spot has been in the Sailfish Flats with ladyfish in thick along with pompano, flounder, bonnet head sharks and a few bonefish. Earlier in the month for a few days the winds were cranking 25-35 but one big advantage to this is you cover a lot of ground quickly. Casting downwind or jigging into the wind both produce on windy days. Lucky we did not snag a few windsurfers flying by !!

The slowest area lately has been the St. Lucie inlet due to 2 factors. One being the dredging in progress along with a lack of baitfish.I use Bird Island and dolphin as a gauge. For 10 days not many birds around and no dolphin to be seen. When bait is scarce, they go to where the food is. Yes we are still catching fish but not the numbers I like to see. The blues never came in force this year but have seen a few up to 6 pounds along with pompano, sheephead, jacks, mangrove, mutton and lane snappers. More bluerunners and ladyfish in the crossroads than pompano. Should start seeing a few more snook in the inlet areas.

Up the St. Lucie River Hell's Gate is always a great place to hide when strong winds are out of the east. On the docks along Sewells Point a mix of lane snappers, flounder, snook and jacks. We have seen lots of clean water north of the dime bridge which is a great sign for you north and south fork fans. At the bridge itself a mix of black drum, croaker, mangrove snapper,goliath grouper, pompano and spotted seatrout.

Have not been outside for over a month but would like to catch the end of the mackerel bite and start playing at the sandpile if the seas agree. It's time to start fishing north more for trout in the flats. Can you also say TRIPLETAIL.

Capt. Bob Bushholz









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