Meat Trips

Report Date: December 11, 2021

As we head into the winter and spring here on the Treasure Coast, we do more meat trips for edibles like sheepshead, pompano, black drum, flounder, Spanish Mackerel and tripletail while doing less livebaiting for snook, jack's and tarpon.
The Spanish Mackerel are a blast fishing along the beach. These macs school up and will be here thru March. Casting glass minnow jigs rapidly will get their attention. Our last Mac trip yielded over 70 fish. Mackerel are great cooked fresh the same day or smoked. I normally smoke mine and then make a Mackerel dip. Once the fish are smoked, they can be consumed for 3 weeks.
Pompano can be caught inshore bouncing shrimp or pomp jigs along the bottom. On anchor, you can fish with clams, sand fleas or fishbites. At $24.00 a pound at the fish market, pompano are a highly sought after species.
Tripletail, black drum, sheepshead are more structure oriented fishing with shrimp.


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