Winter Fishing in Stuart

Report Date: January 27, 2022

As our water temperatures drop inshore, slow down your presentation as these fish tend to get sluggish.

Outside along the beach, Spanish Mackerel are still around but are starting to thin out and also running smaller then what we seen back in December. We throw Gulfstream minnow jigs with a rapid retrieve. Some days can require chumming with glass minnows while on anchor but not always.

Inside the pompano bite has been very slow so far this season but hopefully will pick up as we head into February and March. Some sheepshead and snappers can be found around the inlet but the bridges that normally hold black drum has been on the slow side. We normally start our livebaiting trips for Snook around April. Still some tripletail around structures and floats.

In the past month we have seen a increase in rabbit fish . I have gone years without seeing any but for some reason, they are back. They look like a blowfish on steroids, yet average about 7 lbs and put up quite a fight.


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